one of the main tools of the trade : If you are a hairdresser who has to start a new business, or simply a professional who needs to renew his tools of the trade, you need a professional hairdryer. In your salon the professional hair dryer will be your most valuable ally, and since you will have to handle it and keep it on almost all the time of your activity, it would be good if it has some important characteristics: first of all the power, which must be elevated to ensure perfect creases and hairstyles; lightness, because although the hair dryer itself is not a heavy tool, it is worth considering that as hairdressers you will have to work on it all day, so it is recommended to light weight and ergonomic shape; the noise must be total, or at least tending to the minimumgiven that your customers will also notice this and finally the electricity consumption, which, given the wide use you will make of it, will have to be moderated. Two types of hair dryers exist on the market according to the needs of the hairdresser. The innovation of the Ion hair dryers lies in the delicacy with which the hair will be treated: in this innovative feature, in fact, the ionizer will break down all the water particles present on the wet hair, letting the excess quantity evaporates and allowing the hair itself to take on the water it needs to keep it soft and shiny. In fact, the hair will be able to maintain the right degree of moisture, stay hydrated and the friscan effect will be eliminated. This type of hair dryer is also renowned for the speed with which it can dry even the thickest or longest cans. Finally, let's look at the ceramic hair dryer that has the ability to distribute heat evenly on the hair. Thanks to the physical properties of ceramics, the drying process will be compact and not at all stressful for the hair. To optimize the performance of a ceramic hair dryer is also the tormaline, a type of material that will spread heat even more gently.

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22 Nov 19

This collection is inspired by the Z generation, recreating urban characters from different cultural backgrounds by prioritizing the image they convey through their profile on social networks.

Ph: David Arnal
MUA: Hairkrone
Stylist: Visori FashionArt


22 Nov 19

This collection combines ultra contemporary interpretations of ‘the classic’ cuts and styling with utility accessories. Worn by strong beautiful women embodying exaggerated femininity inspired by the super models the of the 90s.

Ph: Danny Baldwin
MUA: Neringa Bige


21 Nov 19
DiBiaseHair: promo BLACK

DiBiaseHair, azienda di S. Antimo (Napoli) specializzata nelle hair extension, offre prodotti inimitabili e di alta qualità.

Promo Black Friday – 22%

Inserendo il coupon sconto BlackFriday19 direttamente nel carrello sul sito avrai diritto ad uno sconto del 22% su tutti i prodotti della DiBiaseHair!

21 Nov 19

SALONE ALESSANDRA, noto salone di San Donà di Piave (VENEZIA), ti invita a scoprire la nuova collezione SPEECH realizzata in collaborazione con Art Hair Studios, partner Wella.

Il leitmotiv dell’intera collezione è la parola che abita i pensieri, le emozioni e le fantasie di tutti noi. I capelli esprimono in libertà il nostro modo di essere e comunicano agli altri chi siamo e cosa vogliamo.

Ph: Zatac
Products: Wella Professionals, System Professional,
Professional Sebastian, Seb Man, Nioxin, OPI.
Mood, Set Design e Copy: Mind Store di Anna Perghem


21 Nov 19

The colour yellow stands for positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment,remembrance, intellect, honour, loyalty, and joy, but it also represents cowardice and deceit. Yellow can also represent caution and in some cultures, jealousy.

Ph: Lel Burnett
MUA: Danny Williams
Stylist: Daniel Rymer
Images: FPA


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